Our Vision:

We exist to honor God by making new disciples for Jesus Christ.  


Our Future:

Our focus has always been, and will remain, on Christ Jesus and the authority of Scripture. Our logo is designed to remind us of our place and purpose: like the river that runs through Morley, we are a consistent and essential element in the community. We maintain the same direction year after year, even as we change and renew through fresh experiences and opportunities for spiritual growth.  

Our History:

Morley Wesleyan Church was founded in 1843, the same year as the Wesleyan Church denomination was founded. The church has a rich history of ministry and spiritual impact. Once a key location on the Underground Railroad, we have a long tradition of social influence as well. Through continued discipleship and community transformation, we strive to carry on these legacies and impact future generations.   In September 2018, we celebrated 175 years of continuous ministry in the North Country. Read more …